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Hotel 626 Full Walkthrough

Welcome to my Hotel 626 Full Walkthrough and guide. Here I'll guide you through the game Hotel 626.

Guests check in....but they never checks out.

Hotel 626 is a online game which you can complete within half an hour. It is only playable from 6pm to 6am, but you can change your computer time to play whenever you like. No downloads, no virus, but you must have the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player to play it.

Some notes before continuing to the guide:

1. Hotel 626 is not recommended for:
a) Kids under 18
b) Faint of Heart
c) Aged people

2. It is better if you play it at night(best in MIDNIGHT).

3)The plot:

There was a man who lives in a hotel called Hotel 626. He was asleep but was awaken by some noises. He checks the time, which was 2.01am, and get changed before going out to investigate. On the way, he was greeted by some ghosts and tries to escape and succeed.

4)How to change the time:

a) On the toolbar on the below of your screen, at the right corner there's a time. Right click on it, and select "Adjust date and time".

b) Simple, just change the time to after 6pm OR select "change time zone" and change it to "(GMT-6:00) Central America".

5) Turn on your speakers but DO NOT turn it too loud. Put on your headphones and enable your webcam.(If you have)

WARNING: Contain Spoilers!


I. "Only by confronting your darkest fears can you find the light"


You hear some screams, noises, and breathing sound. The darkness on the screen began to fade and you were awake. You still hear some noises, and you decided to investigate and get prepared. You walked outside and briefly scanned the scenario.

II. "One is not like the others"

(Use your mouse to navigate and your character will walk and see the direction you put your mouse on.)

You saw the lights turned faulty and fears began to take over your mind. You ran to the end of the corridor and got into a room before the darkness swallows you.

(After you got to the end of the corridor, keep clicking on the last door on the right side. You will eventually enter the room.)

III. "She lives in darkness show her the light"

(Use your mouse to turn around and click to take a photo. The flash will reveal what you had taken.)

You are armed with a digital camera with flash turned on. You saw a figure moving around. You have nine shots on your camera and you will have to successfully take a photo of the figure's face. When you saw a figure moving around, aim at it and take a photo of it. You can only miss once. Don't be surprised by what you saw after a few shots.(If successful)

Spoiler: The figure is a maid who had been locked in the toilet for a long time. She had got used to the darkness and was afraid of the light.

After you had seen the 'surprise', you will put your camera down and run out of the room towards the Fire Escape.

IV. "Just in time"

(Use your mouse to navigate and your character will walk and see the direction that your mouse is on.)

You are hurrying down the Fire Escape stairs. Go down until you see a door with a handle. There will be two doors that you will encounter. Do not go into the first door, continue down the stairs until you see a second door. On your left side will be the darkness that will swallow you. Be sure you enter the door fast.

After you have come out of the Fire Escape, you will see a corridor with rooms. Just go to the left and enter the last door on the right.

V. "Sing me a lullaby"


You enter a room. You scan the messy room quickly and found a toddler asleep. The toddler is slightly awaken by the thunder and you will have to keep that brat asleep.

Mission 1: After the cutscene you will see a circle below the screen with a white dot turning. Just maintain the speed of the white dot by:

Just talk crap or sing on the microphone and be sure to maintain your voice. Do not sing too loud or too soft that the voice bar goes into the red zone. Just maintain your voice and be sure that the voice bar is in the white zone. If you sing too loud, that's it.

Just turn your mouse on the circle. Not too fast and not too slow. Maintain the speed and be sure that the voice bar is in the white zone. If the voice bar goes into the red zone for a long time, and you'll be "taken care" by the toddler.

Mission Two: Now you'll have to tiptoe your way out without waking that kid up. The bad thing is, the floor CREAKS. Nevermind if you can balance well by balancing the white dot on the balance bar on the below of the screen. If the dot goes to either end of the bar, you will not be in trouble....FOR A SHORT PERIOD. The floor will creak loudly and the kid will appear suddenly before your eyes after a while.

If you fail the balance:
I don't think you wanted to know this, do you?

If you succeed the balance:
You will eventually exit the room and watch a cutscene.

VI. "Helpless?"


After you've been beaten up, you'll find yourself being dragged along the corridor. While you're being dragged, you will see the ghosts of guests that died in Hotel 626 long ago. They watch you being dragged helplessly, bu they never helps. Just wait and you'll eventually enter another room.

VII. "He knows the way"


You woke up and found a man by your side. He looks as if he is starved for a long time. He was tied up and wears torn clothings.

You browse through the wall with strange drawings. The only important things to take note are the drawings of the Spider, Tree, Hand, Candle, and Horse as they each represent a number that you will need in order to escape the room without that hideous man eating you up.

The Spider
Look at the drawing of the spider. It has eight legs which ends are marked with red colour. Hence, it represents "8".

The Tree
Look at the drawing of the tree. It has four roots which ends are marked red. Hence, it represents the number "4".

The Hand
Look at the drawing of the hand. It has ten fingers which one had been bent. Hence, 10 take away one equals to nine. It represents the number "9".

The Candle
Look at the drawing of the candle(s). There are four candles which were lit up. Hence, it represents the number "4".

The Horse
Look at the drawing of the horse(it doesn't look like one actually). It has four legs which one had been bit off and its end had been marked red. Since four minus one equals to three, it represents the number "3".

There will be a voice in the back ground saying either three of these drawings(see above). After you had browse through the drawings, you will turn to a door with a E-Lock on it. There is ten buttons on the E-Lock, each representing a number. Listen to what the voice says and click on the buttons than represents the number of the drawing. You have two tries to browse through the drawings, as well as keying in the password for unlocking the door.

If you succeed, you will eventually enter the next stage. If not, the man will be suddenly freed and will eat you up. One more thing, the password varies. For example, if you play it this time and the password is 348, and the next time you play this stage/try again the password will be different.

VIII. "Find yourself a way out"

In front of your eyes will be rows of photographs. If you have a webcam and you had turned it on, just search for your photograph with your face on it and click it. If you do not have one, just search for a photograph with a hallway and rooms on it and click it. It will bring you to the next stage.

But, search fast as you are being chased by someone. If you did not find the indicated photograph on time, you will need to try again.

IX. "Answer and you will have the answer"


You see a phone in front of you. You put the hung phone on the base and a voice boomed out telling you the direction to escape Hotel 626. Follow what he tells you, he's not kidding.

(Use your mouse to navigate. If you made more than one wrong turn, you will need to try again.)

X. "Your checkout time is now"


You have finally found your way out Hotel 626. You ran away from the exit and rush towards your car. You started up the engine and saw somebody sitting at the back sit.

-The End-


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